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Lingnan High-Flyers Programme

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Lingnan High-Flyers Programme


The Lingnan High-Flyers Programme is an exclusive and highly selective programme designed to cultivate our outstanding students with an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership. The entrepreneurial mindset provides a lens for one to see problems as opportunities and gives the confidence to solve problems by courage, creativity, resilience, and striving for higher achievements in life. A true high-flyer should be an impactful and influential global leader in the future, benefiting oneself, the community and beyond. 

The Lingnan High-Flyers Programme 2021/22 will be conducted virtually,
students outside Hong Kong are also welcome to join!

Open for Application Now!





Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

Support Organisations

Support Orgs


Lingnan High-Flyers Programme 2021/22


About the Programme

  • Design and execute your projects with innovative ideas and achievable tasks in response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations General Assembly. (
  • Coaches will regularly meet and guide your teams with practical advice and guidance.
  • Pitch your project in front of professional judges to win the High-Flyers Awards.

You also get the chance to build aprototype of a management system that suits your project,
including Content Management, Drainage Platform, Smart Team Management, Membership, and e-Shop
with the aid of an online development kit.

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High-Flyers Awards


  • One Champion team will receive a startup fund of HK$30,000.
  • Two Runner-up teams will receive a startup fund of HK$15,000 per team.
  • All qualified teams will receive a subsidy of up to HK$2,000 per team to kickstart the projects.
  • Winning teams will receive a fully customized online management system supported by an information technology solutions company.



  • All full-time undergraduate students


  • Select one of the SDGs and discuss how you can put your ideas in action in Hong Kong (or beyond) with a proposed timeline and resource implications.
  • Form a team with 2 to 4 members. You may first apply as an individual if you cannot form a team for now and attend our grouping session.


Open for Application Now!





Dec 6
Kickstart Briefing: Sustainable Development Goals
(4:30pm – 5:30pm)
Online Session




Jan 6

Field Study @ EcoPark & Hong Kong Science Park*
(10:00am - 5:00pm)

Face-to-face Session
Jan 17

Workshop 1 – Grouping and Brainstorming*
(4:30pm - 6:30pm)

Face-to-face Session
Feb 28 Application Deadline (Extended)
Mar 1

Workshop 2 – Idea Consolidation
(6:00pm - 8:00pm)

Online Session

Mar 7

Workshop 3 – Set KPIs in SDGs
(6:00pm - 8:00pm)

Mar 11
Submission of 1st Proposal*  
Mar 14 - 25 Coaching Session 1*

Online Session
(1 Hour per team)

Mar 28 - Apr 8 Coaching Session 2* Online Session
(1 Hour per team)
Apr 14
Submission of Final Presentation File and Final Written Proposal*
Apr 23
Project Presentation Fair* Online Session
May 18 - 27 Project Sustainability Coaching 1 Online Session
(1 Hour per team)
May 30 - Jun 10 Project Sustainability Coaching 2 Online Session
(1 Hour per team)
Jun 13 - Jun 24 Project Sustainability Coaching 3 Online Session
(1 Hour per team)

Events marked with a “ * ” are compulsory items/ sessions.



Field Trip to EcoPark & Hong Kong Science Park
6 January 2022 (Thu) / 10:00am – 5:00pm / Field-trip​ / English, supplemented with Cantonese and Putonghua

This field trip brings students to EcoPark, Hong Kong Science Park and InnoCell@HKSTP to explore the vibrant community where innovation and social-entrepreneurial spirit thrive. Students are able to gain a deeper understanding of the development of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Hong Kong and recognise the opportunities and struggles of local innovators.

Mr Kenny Kwan (CEO & Executive Director of On Fat Lung Innovative Resources Limited)

Mr Ronald Yuen (Chairman & Founder of SuiRich Flex (HK) Limited)

Dr Tommy Ho (Founder and Founding President of the Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalists)

Mr Anson Ng (Director of Aloft Tech Limited)

*Free Lunch, Single-trip Transportation to EcoPark and Hong Kong Science Park are provided

Kickstart Briefing: Sustainable Development Goals
6 December 2021 (Mon) / 4:30 – 5:30pm / Zoom​

The briefing will introduce the seventeen interlinked Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and ways to achieve them in our daily life. Students will also acquire essential information about the Lingnan High-Flyers Programme 2021-22.

Mr Ben Wong (Project Supervisor of Wofoo Social Enterprises)






Mr. Jeffy Lau
Tel: 2616-7403 
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Elaine Yam
Tel: 2616-7304 
Email: [email protected]