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Department of Economics

BAI Jie (PhD, 2023)

The enriching three-year journey of my PhD in the Department of Economics has provided me with comprehensive training, equipping me for a qualified doctoral path.  I was fortune to collaborate with the supportive and wonderful supervisor, Prof. Qiu Dongxiao, who encouraged independent thinking, embraced my mistakes, and respected my choices. The faculty and fellow students showed remarkable kindness, fostering an environment conducive to insightful conversations and collaborative idea exchange, greatly facilitating my academic growth. The administrative staff not only provided essential administrative assistance but also offered priceless emotional support.  A highlight is the weekly cutting-edge Brownbag Seminars, featuring presentations by prominent professors from leading universities worldwide, affording postgraduates like me the opportunity to engage with esteemed scholars and receive invaluable feedback. Beyond the seminars, one-on-one meetings with the speakers organized by the Department have also greatly benefited me. In summary, Lingnan University provides extensive resources to support postgraduates’ research.
It’sworth noting that Lingnan University stands out by providing remarkably comfortable accommodations for every postgraduate student, which, to the best of my knowledge, sets it apart from other universities in Hong Kong. The natural environment complements the pursuit of self-cultivation and personal growth. Students who choose to study here will undoubtedly receive unexpected gains in Lingnan University.