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New Programmes


Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global Economics and Banking (BSSGEB)


The Department obtained approval from the University to launch a self-financed Undergraduate programme named “Bachelor of Social Sciences (Honours) in Global Economics and Banking (BSSGEB)”. The new BSSGEB programme is offered and managed by the Department of Economics. It is a 4-year full-time programme designed for students interested in economics and banking. This programme aims to train more young professionals to meet the workforce need of the banking and finance sector in Hong Kong and the world. The admission exercise started in January 2022. As of 31 August 2022, there were around 38 students admitted to BSSGEB.


PhD Degree Programme in Economics


The Department and Wuhan University (WHU) have launched a 4-year full-time mode double PhD degree programme in Economics since September 2021, which leverages more rigorous coursework training from WHU’s PhD programme. Students will receive coursework training for the first two years at WHU, and the next two years at LU, working on a research thesis and fulfilling other programme requirements. Each student will be matched with a supervisor from LU and a co-supervisor from WHU. Upon graduation, students will be awarded double PhD degrees in Economics from LU and WHU. A PhD student Ms. NIE Cong was admitted and arrived in late August 2022.