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Social Sciences Week (From 11 April to 14 April 2022), AY2021-22

The theme of the Social Sciences Week in AY2021-22 was “Sports in Hong Kong”, in which Solace (The 26th Executive Committee of the Society of Social Sciences) aims to arouse the public’s attention to sports in Hong Kong while promoting a healthy lifestyle under the pandemic. A series of activities were prepared online for students to understand more about social issues related to sports development and policies in Hong Kong.


🔴「體Talk Show」on 11 April 2022
The famous Hong Kong Olympian Soo Wai Yam, Minnie (蘇慧音) @minniesoo, was invited to share her daily training and athletic competition experience with students.

🟡 「在家Fit 爆 抗疫自強工作坊」on 12 April 2022
A fitness Workshop:  to discuss the impacts of social distancing measures on gym lovers and a coach from @kofgym to demonstrate at-home workouts.

🔵 「社科圍爐」on 13 April 2022
Quiz match game:  to understand the development and policies of sports in Hong Kong.

🟢 「體育電映社 - 媽媽的神奇小子」on 14 April 2022
Movie screening @moviematic and sharing session “Zero to Hero” to raise awareness of athletes with disabilities. (a story about one of the famous Paralympian athletes, So Wa Wai (蘇樺偉).