Subsite Background




The Faculty Office has coordinated with Wofoo Social Enterprises (WSE) to develop and arrange internship opportunities for two BSocSc (Hons) students, Ms. Manling LI and Ms. Kristen WONG, who had their internships at WSE from 12 Oct to 4 Dec 2020. The two interns were responsible for supporting the Wellness Hub of the WSE, and providing assistance in research, administration, marketing and other aspects. In view of the COVID outbreak, they worked from home whenever supporting on-site was not possible. The two students found the internship very fruitful and would like to share their expereince as follows:

LI Man Ling Manling (Psychology, Year 3)

"Being an intern in Wofoo Social Enterprises is a great opportunity to have a sense of how a typical non-governmental organisation is like in Hong Kong as WSE has a rich history. My duties included writing proposals, designing Instagram posts, designing posters for activities, and assisting administration work. I have been an intern in two different NGOs and I find that the ability to think of new proposals and presenting them in written or spoken form are very important. Therefore, it is better for me to explore more. Moreover, I find that NGOs cover many aspects of work. For instance, when they wanted to develop a new project, they needed to do background research in order to prove that the project is valuable to start or get a fund. At this moment, they need to collect a lot of data and analyse it. And the data analysis skills that we learned can be utilised. Overall, it is a fun experience to find out whether I am suitable and interested in this area or not. Thank you for the opportunity."

WONG Yan Wing Kristen (Psychology, Year 4)

"It was a great experience to work as an intern in Wofoo Social Enterprises. First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all for giving me this chance to work in Wofoo. I would also like to thank the programme leaders and subject internship coordinators for their invaluable advice and continuous support. To evaluate the whole internship, I would praise that it is valuable, unforgettable, and beneficial for my career and personal development. During the internship, I was asked to cooperate with and assist the staff of Wofoo and staff from other non-governmental organisations in the aspect of searching relevant information for their project and help handle the general administration work. Active learning is also vitally important in the experience. I obtained information from the initiative in communicating with different colleagues and also actively asked for opportunities to assist others. Such experiences alerted me to the importance of active learning. Undoubtedly, these kinds of experiences are important for my career and personal development. After completing the internship, I cannot stop myself to think of the moment and experience acquired from the internship. It offers me not only the practice experience and achievement but also friendship, memory, and broader horizons which will certainly benefit my life."



The Deaprtment of Economics also offered several internship opportunities to our students; the 2-month (July – August 2020) internship includes practical job assignments and on-the-job training. Four SocSc students Mr. CHANDRA Sonal (ECON, Fourth Year), Ms. WENG Yawen (SPPS, Fourth Year), Ms. YU Haoyin (ECON, Fourth Year), and Ms. ZHONG Shixin (IEP, Third Year) were recruited as a research interns this summer. They worked on ongoing research projects where their duties included conducting literature reviews, performing qualitative data collection, and performing both qualitative and quantitative data analyses.