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General Research Fund / Grants



In 2021-22 AY, a total of HK$835,115 was provided to support 19 Projects by using the Faculty Research Grant (FRG), which is supported by the University through the Research Committee (RC), and administered by the Faculty Research and Postgraduate Studies Committees (RPSCs). The projects are listed in the following:


  1. Evaluation of LU Undergraduate Students’ Well-Being during the Fourth and Fifth Waves of Covid-19 Pandemic in Hong Kong
  2. Consumer Search, Repeated Purchase and Price Discrimination
  3. Towards a Model of Sustainable Management of Country Park Enclaves in Hong Kong
  4. A qualitative study on older cleaning workers’ labour process during the COVID-19 pandemic: an integrated approach
  5. The Integration of Social Innovation and Service Learning in Higher Education: A Mainstreaming Approach to Nurturing Youth Changemakers
  6. Dyadic Coping, Communication and Relationship Outcomes among Couples
  7. The Size of Disadvantaged Groups and Labor Market Discrimination
  8. Lifestyle Modification to Obesity in Working Adults: A Digital Health Approach to Modify Living Habits
  9. An Investigation of Organizational Dehumanization on Occupational Well-being
  10. The Practices of Food Assistance in Hong Kong: A Micro-institutional Approach to Frontline Service Providers
  11. Transformative Feminist Leadership: Evaluating its Efficacy in the Context of Small NGOs
  12. The Influence of Social Exclusion on Affiliative and Aggressive Behaviors
  13. An Investigation of the Acculturation Experiences and Well-being Outcomes of African Diasporas in Hong Kong
  14. Competition Law and the Normative Political Theory of the Business Corporation
  15. The Role of Mindfulness and Meaning Making to Explain the Relationship between Covid19 Stress, Distress, and Psychological Well Being
  16. Validation of Factorial Surveys as a Measurement Tool to Unveil Non-Declarative Culture
  17. Resource Bricolage of Social Enterprises in Turbulent Times
  18. From Public Conscience to Online Celebrities: Stigmatization and the Changing Role of Public Intellectuals in China
  19. A Biomarker-guided Intervention Integrated with Psychosocial Markers: A Prospective Model to Risk and Resilience to Childhood Adversity

RESEARCH FUNDING EXERCISE,  2021-22 and 2020-21


Members of the Faculty of Social Sciences have demonstrated excellent performance in combined research funding from the General Research Fund (GRF) and Early Career Schemes (ECS).  Faculty members successfully obtained a total of HK$ 2,685,650 and HK$2,588,300 respectively in 2021-22 and 2020-21 funding exercises.  In addition, Professor SIU Oi Ling was awarded the prestigious Humanities and Social Sciences Prestigious Fellowship Scheme (HSSPFS) in 2020-21, recognising her leading local and international standing in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

 DepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorScheme

Social Sciences



Applied PsychologyProfessor YEUNG Wai-lan VictoriaGRF
EconomicsProfessor QIU Larry DongxiaoGRF
Sociology and Social PolicyProfessor AU YEUNG Tat-chorECS
Sociology and Social PolicyProfessor CHEN Hon-faiGRF
Wofoo Joseph Lee Consulting and Counselling Psychology Research CentreProfessor CHAN Meanne Ching ManGRF

Social Sciences



EconomicsProfessor WONG Chi-leung, AdamGRF
Applied PsychologyProfessor LEE Alan Lap FaiGRF
Applied PsychologyProfessor SIU Oi-lingHSSPFS
Sociology and Social PolicyProfessor CHAN Hau-nung, AnnieGRF
Sociology and Social PolicyProfessor TANG LynnECS