Hostel arrangements

  • 2019新型冠状病毒
  • 预防措施


In response to a few recent confirmed and potential COVID-19 cases of hostel residents, relevant offices and units of the University have been providing proactive round-the-clock support to cater for students’ needs, including special arrangements for the confirmed and potential cases, immediate disinfection of affected areas, emotional support and advice for students in need, and provision of rapid antigen tests to those in contact with the infected persons.   To further protect student residents, the hostel management has revised its precautionary measures for the hostels and adopted special arrangements for residents, such as emotional support provided by counsellors, medical advice from the Chinese Medicine Clinic and provision of temporary storage space. Student residents should obtain the latest information at, or contact their Warden Office.   Student residents who decide to terminate their residence should complete and submit the online application form at, and the Office of Student Affairs will arrange the move-out and follow up with pro-rata refund.   Residents who decide to continue their hostel residence are strongly urged to stay on campus and avoid social gatherings with hall mates and overnight stay outside the campus. They may be requested to move to a different hall/room in order to best handle infection cases for the public health of all residents.   For the safety and well-being of all members of the University, please stay vigilant and observe health and safety measures at all times.   Enquiries: Relevant hostel warden offices, or [email protected]     Office of Communications and Public Affairs 23 February 2022