Moodle Merge Course System

Moodle Merge Course System is an in-house developed system for instructors to group multiple sections of the same course into a single Moodle course.  Below is a quick guide on how to create a merged course.

Step 1: Login to myLingnan Portal, click on the Academics tab, under e-Learning and select Moodle Merge Course System.
Screenshot of Academics tab in myLingnan Portal


Step 2: The first page will list all of your merged course(s) in the current term. Click on Create New Merge Course.
Screenshot of Moodle Merge course system index page


Step 3: Select the course you wish to merge then click Next.
Screenshot of course selection page


Step 4: By default, individual section courses will be hidden after merging. To keep the section visible in Moodle, click on Keep CRN of the sections to be kept. Select two or more sections to merge and click Next to continue.
Screenshot of sections selection page for merging


Step 5: Verify the information, and click Confirm to proceed.
Screenshot of merge course confirmation page


Step 6: The merge course should now be created successfully and appear in Moodle immediately.
Screenshot of merge course created acknowledgement


Step 7 (Optional): Merge course can be modified or removed at any time.
Screenshot of merge course system showing the course created