Data Encryption Solution BitLocker-To-Go

According to the Lingnan’s Information Security Policy, all staff and students shall ensure that “Highly Confidential” or “Confidential” information stored on any removable storage device (including any mobile device with storage capacity) is properly protected by a data encryption solution.

To support the policy, ITSC implemented BitLocker Drive Encryption in all ITSC managed portable computer running MS Windows operation system.  MS BitLocker is a native security feature that encrypts everything on the drive that Windows is installed on. Device encryption helps protect your data by encrypting it. Only the person with the right encryption key can decrypt it.

For USB drive, ITSC recommends using BitLocker-To-Go, which is Microsoft’s removable media encryption solution. It utilizes the same underlying disk encryption technology as BitLocker does for fixed disks but is designed to address the removable media use case. If the USB key in question is ever lost, it is protected with BitLocker To Go thus keeping the data secure.  Should the key be found by someone other than the owner, the data is still unreadable without the required PIN. This renders the data essentially useless except by an authorized user.

BitLocker To Go is Microsoft’s easy-to-use, proprietary encryption program for Windows that can encrypt on removable drives (e.g. USB drive) and secondary hard drives connected to your computer

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