Account Termination

According to the Information Security Policies, only Lingnan current staff and students are eligible to use University email services.

Available to:

Staff, Students


Staff members are required to obtain clearance of their system accounts at the conclusion of their employment with the University. Immediately after their last date of employment with the University, all computer system access and email accounts assigned to the staff will be deactivated with the associated data irreversibly purged. Departing staff may request to set up an auto-reply message for a period of three months with their existing email accounts so that senders can be asked to re-send personal messages to another designated email address. The content of the original email will not be delivered with this auto-reply message.

For staff who have connecting contracts, they may request for account retention of their email accounts until the start of next contract. All applications must be applied before departure and approved by the Director of ITSC, who may refer the applications to the Human Resources Office or other relevant parties for checking as deemed necessary.

Students (For UG Programmes)

The University email system is for the use of currently enrolled students only. Email accounts will be terminated immediately for any student whose status becomes non-enrolled but all associated email data will be irreversibly purged after 30 days. Students who re-enroll after an account has been purged will be provided with a re­activated account, but previously purged emails will not be able to be recovered. Exception applies to the following conditions:

  • Discontinuation - email account will be extended for 30 days after changing into non-enrolled status
  • Unofficially Withdrawn - email account will be extended for 120 days after changing into non-enrolled status

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