2FA Authentication with ByPass Code

If you do not have your registered mobile device on hand (or the device was lost), you can obtain a ByPass Code from the Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Self-Service webpage to pass the 2FA requirement.

Available to:

Staff, Students

Service Hours:


How to use?

1. Log in to 2FA-activated services outside campus or using hostel wired connection.

2. Click "Forget to bring my device"


3. The Two-factor Authentication (2FA) Self-Service webpage will be displayed. Click "ByPass Code" button,


4. Click "Get ByPass Code" to confirm.

get bypass

5. An e-mail was sent to your registerd personal e-mail address. Login to your registered email address to retrieve the ByPass Code.


code email

6. Enter the ByPass Code received within ONE hour to pass the authentication process.

2FA Enter Passcode

(2FA account will be locked if you have more than 10 failure attempt,)

If you found your 2FA account is locked and the lock is not initiated by you, you need to change your password immediately.

You need to contact ITSC helpdesk to unlock your account.

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