Network Access Control - Campus Wired Network

The NAC policy enforcement on the Campus Wired Network (connection using LAN cable to the LAN point located in staff offices, library, labs, meeting rooms, teaching venues and all public areas) will be completed in phases from 1 July 2021 to 31 Aug 2021.

The enforcement will not affect any existing ITSC-managed devices that have already joined the University Active Directory (AD) Domain or the MAC address has been recorded in the NAC system. All the desktop PCs in use and any notebook acquired by ITSC or your department will NOT be affected.

It is found that there are some University’s PC or notebook that did not join the University AD. ITSC will check the individual cases with the respective departments. Until these devices have joined the University domain, they will not be able to connect to the Campus Wired Network after July 1. Users are welcome to approach ITSC for assisting to configure the device to join University AD or they can opt to connect their devices to the internet through the University Wi-Fi services.

NAC policy does not allow any personally-owned devices to connect to the Campus Wired Network. The connection of all personally-owned devices will be blocked by the NAC system after the policy has taken effect on or after July 1. These devices can only be connected to the internet within the campus via the University Wi-Fi service.