New LU Card


What can I do with the LU Card?​

The LU card is for identity authentication, access to campus, authorized use of different University facilities such as the Library, computer laboratories, sports facilities, hostels, meeting rooms, designated department offices, car parks and data centres, collection of usage statistics of classrooms, and other potential smart campus initiatives.

Can I keep my old card after replacement?​

This Card is the property of Lingnan University and is not transferable. It must be returned to the University when it becomes invalid. If found, please return it to Lingnan University, Tuen Mun, New Territories, Hong Kong, or contact Lingnan University at (852) 2616 8888 or Security Control (24-hour) at (852) 2616 8705.

When do I need to use my card to access the campus and facilities?​

For general access to the campus, no application is required as long as the card is valid. Application may be required for accessing the following venue:

Venue Application
Library Not required for general staff and students (exclude LIFE students)
Required for Alumni and External Users
Application Form will be available in due course
Hostels Application is required, please contact the Office of Student Affairs. ([email protected] / (852) 2616-7365)
Sports Facilities

Not required for general staff and students
Required for Alumni
Application Form will be available in due course

Designated Departmental Offices Application handled by relevant offices

What can I do if I have problems using the LU Card?​

Based on your user group, please contact relevant units on the Enquiries page.

How to use my Virtual LU Card?​

Please watch this Video.

Can I keep my LU Card when I leave the University?

No. It is the property of Lingnan University.