Hostel Network

Welcome to the Hostel Network Services provided by the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC). Please read the following information about connecting to the Campus Network and the Internet in Student Hostel.

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How to Access?

Your can connect your computer to the hostel network through a data outlet.

When you plug in one end of your network cable to the socket of the data outlet and the other end to your computer, there should be a light "click" sound on each insertion. This "click" sound indicates that your have just made a proper connection.

Under the University's Network Access Control (NAC) policy, login is mandatory when initiating access to the Hostel Wired Network. In your first attempt to access any website using web browser on a computer through the data outlet, the login page as follows will be prompted for you to input your username and password.

Login Page

After you have logged in successfully, the University home page will be displayed on your browser. Then you can navigate to any other websites as you wish. With certain browsers on which login page may not show up properly, please visit the University home page ( first to activate the login page.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: My computer will be automatically assigned an IP address and other network parameters such as DNS when connected to the hostel network. Can I manually assign an IP address or other parameters to my computer?

  • No, the network parameters assigned to your computer are dynamic. You cannot assign a fixed IP address or other network parameters to your computer which connects to the hostel network. This action will violate the Hostel Network Policy. Please contact ITSC if you have any question.

Question: Can I use my own network device such as broadband router to connect my computer to the data outlet?

  • No, you are not allowed to connect any unauthorized network devices, such as broadband router, to the data outlet according to the Hostel Network Policy. Any unauthorized network devices will be detected and the connected data outlet will be suspended automatically.

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