Forgot Password

Available to:

Staff, Students, Alumni

How to Do?

Staff and Student Accounts

1. Access Self-Service Password Management Portal via

2. Enter your username and the code showed in the textbox and click "Next".

Enter username and code

3. If you have not registered security questions, you need to request for password reset from ITSC.

Security questions not registered

4. Click the "Forgot Password" button as below.

Click Forgot Password

5. Answer the three security questions you have registered and click "Next".

Answer security questions

6. Type in the new password twice. The password needs to follow the rules highlighted below. Click "Next" to proceed. 

Enter new password twice

7. When password is changed successfully, emails will be sent to both your Lingnan email and personal email.

Password reset completed

8. You are reminded to read Things to Be Aware of After You Change the Password.

Student Society Accounts

Fill in the User Request Form - Student Society, endorse it by OSA and return it to ITSC either by fax, email or ITSC Service Counter.

Alumni Accounts

Please follow the instructions on the OIAAA web page on how to reset your password.

Departmental or Other Types of Accounts

Submit a Service Request in ITSC Helpdesk.