Moodle Mobile

Moodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle developed by Lingnan has enabled this feature for academics and students for their ease of access to the lecture materials.

Available to:

Staff, Students

Service Hours:


Where to Download?

Go to Google Play, Apple Store or Windows Phone Store, and install the app directly from your Mobile device, search for "Moodle Mobile" the author/owner must be "Moodle Pty Ltd"

Moodle on App Store  Moodle Android App  Moodle on Windows Phone Store

Site URL:

Login: Lingnan Username and Password

Please find the Moodle Functions Comparison Table for its limitation.


If you connect to your Moodle site and update/create/delete anything, and then go to your mobile app, the content will not be displayed. You will have to wait a couple of minutes. The cache time for the app is currently 5 minutes.

You can refresh the contents of the Mobile app using the refresh button (top right in the left orange menu).


With Moodle Mobile, the official mobile app for Moodle, you can

  • Browse the content of your courses, even when offline
  • Receive instant notifications of messages and other events
  • Quickly find and contact other people in your courses
  • Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device
  • Track your progress, mark tasks as complete and browse your learning plans
  • Attempt quizzes, post in forums and edit wiki pages
  • View your course grades

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