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Moodle Mobile

Moodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle developed by Lingnan has enabled this feature as a pilot for academics and students for their ease of access to the lecture materials

Available to:

Staff, Students

Service Hours:


Where to Download?

Go to Google Play, Apple Store or Windows Phone Store, and install the app directly from your Mobile device, search for "Moodle Mobile" the author/owner must be "Moodle Pty Ltd"

Moodle on App Store  Moodle Android App  Moodle on Windows Phone Store

Site URL:

Login: Lingnan Username and Password

Please find the Moodle Functions Comparison Table for its limitation.


If you connect to your Moodle site and update/create/delete anything, and then go to your mobile app, the content will not be displayed. You will have to wait a couple of minutes. The cache time for the app is currently 5 minutes.

You can refresh the contents of the Mobile app using the refresh button (top right in the left orange menu).


Moodle Mobile is still at a work-in-progress status.

  • Course Summary/Label: Cannot display the full text.
  • Quizzes/Assignments: We do not recommend attempting to submit assignments or quizzes with WiFi on a mobile device. Connections can time out and your assignment or quiz may not be successfully submitted.
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF): These documents will load in the browser window. Tap the screen to see 2 other options in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Flash: Not supported on iPads because it lacks full support for touch screens.
  • Video: Not all video formats will play on all mobile devices.

Moodle Functions Comparison Table on Moodle Mobile version:

Although Moodle Mobile support Android, ITSC testing show various result using different mobile. The following table are for reference only.

*Teacher’s function only

Functions iOS Android
Read File    
Read doc file OK OK
Read pdf file OK OK
Read file within folder OK OK
Face to Face    
Create Face-to-Face Activity* Fail Fail
Create session OK OK
Sign-up Sessions OK OK
Group Choice    
Create Group Choice Activity* Fail Fail
Select Group OK OK
Group Selection    
Create Group Selection Activity* Fail Fail
Select Group OK OK
OU Blog    
Edit Blog OK OK
OU Wiki    
Create Blog Activity* Fail Fail
Edit Wiki OK OK
Turnitin Assignment    
Create Turnitin Assignment Activity* Fail Fail
Upload Assignment Fail Fail
Read Turnitin Assignment OK OK
Check Turnitin Assignment Grade OK OK
Local Assignment    
Create Local Assignment Activity* Fail Fail
Upload Assignment Fail Fail
Read Assignment OK Fail
Check Assignment Grade OK OK
Mahara Assignment    
Create Mahara Assignment* Fail Fail
Submit Assignment OK OK
Read Assignment Fail Fail
Check Assignment Grade OK OK
Create Attendance* Fail Fail
Select Attendance Fail OK
Built-in Wiki    
Create Wiki activity* Fail Fail
Edit Wiki Page OK OK
Create Forum activity* Fail Fail
Create Topic OK OK
Reply Topic Discussion OK OK
Create Questionnaire activity* Fail Fail
Submit questionnaire OK OK
Create Quiz Activity* Fail Fail
Submit Quiz OK OK
View GoChinese Fail Fail
Read Moodle Page OK OK
Read embed URL OK OK
Read Label OK OK
Send Message OK OK

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