Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Connection is a service which allows you to control your office's computer remotely with your home computer and/or mobile device.

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  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) connected
  • Remote desktop enabled for your office's computer
  • Remote desktop connection application installed
  • Your office's computer is turned on

How to connect:

Microsoft Windows

  1. Start your Remote Desktop Connection application (Microsoft Windows)
    • Open the "Run" command prompt by pressing the "Windows" Win and "R" key on your keyboard together
    • Type "mstsc" in the prompt and click "OK"
    • Run mstsc
  2. Input the IP address of your office's computer and click "Connect"
    • Remote Desktop Connection
  3. Sign in using "LNDAXUE\" plus your Lingnan username,
    • For example, if your Lingnan username is itsc
    • Your remote desktop connection username will be LNDAXUE\itsc
    • Remote Desktop Connection Login
  4. Authenticate using your Lingnan password
  5. When prompted, accept the certificate by checking the checkbox and click "Yes"
    • RDC certificate

Apple macOS

  1. Start your Microsoft Remote Desktop app
  2. Create a new Remote Desktop

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