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Information Security

Register for 2FA Service

Available to:

Staff, Students

How to register:

1. Login to the 2FA registration and device management website ( using your Lingnan username and password.

Login 2FA website

2. Register your personal email.

Register email

3. You will then be brought to the setup home page, click "Start setup" to continue.

2FA setup home

4. Select the type of device you are adding, "Mobile Phone" is recommended.

2FA select device type

5. Select the country of your mobile number, enter your phone number, check the checkbox to confirm the number and click "Continue".

2FA phone number

6. Select the type of your mobile phone and click "Continue".

Note: The current version of Duo Mobile Apps supports devices with the following OS :

     iOS : iOS 11.0 and greater

    Android : Android 7.0 and greater. (Custom Andriod distributions are not officially supported.)

2FA mobile type

7. Download the "Duo Mobile" app as instructed, click "I have Duo Mobile installed" to continue. QR Code will then be displayed.

Note: If you could not find the app from Google Play, please download the file from here.  

(If you cannot install the Duo Apps, you can use the byPass code for the 2FA authentication. Please skip the registration step 7-10 by clicking the "I have Duo Mobile installed" and "Sign Out")

2FA Download mobile app

8. Open the App and click the "+" sign.

2FA Duo App add device

9. Face the camera of your mobile phone to the QR code display until it is scanned and activation starts.

2FA QR Code activation

10. After successfully activated your device, click "Continue" to finish device registration.

2FA Registration Finished.

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