LU Card

New LU Card


Lingnan University has been using contactless smart cards by its current staff and students since 2011. In order to enhance its usage and security, and build a new branding of the smart cards, the University set up the Campus Access Control Task Force in February 2021 comprising the Chief Information Officer & University Librarian as the Chair and representatives from different administrative units to review the policy and draw up an implementation plan. In July 2022, a new LU Card aiming at “One LU Card for ALL Lingnanians” will be issued to all staff, students and members of the Lingnan community.

The new LU Card adopts a single card approach in which one card has multiple functions of identity authentication and access authorization, and no user with a single identity will be granted more than one card. Holding the LU Card will identify you as a member of the University, provide access to campus and authorize your use of different facilities of the campus including the Library, computer laboratories, sports facilities, hostels, meeting rooms, designated department offices, car parks and data centres. It will lay a strong groundwork for other smart campus initiatives. A single design with different colors for different user groups is applied to stand out the branding of the University. A new security standard is also being used to enhance its security so that more applications can be built on this LU Card later.

Besides the physical smart card, a Virtual LU Card downloadable on smart mobile devices with the same design as the physical card will also be issued to designated groups of users to streamline the management efforts and enhance the convenience of using the LU Card.