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Email Alias

Staff could apply for an email alias to facilitate email communication.  An email alias is an alternate email address associated to one’s email account. All emails sent to / from the email alias are referring to the one’s actual email address.

Available to:


Service Hours:


How to Apply:

Log in "myLingnan Portal", select “IT Corner” and click “Apply for Email Alias”.

Apply Email Alias

Application Guideline:

  • Alias should be close to one’s name for representing the right person and facilitate email communication.
  • Length of the alias should be 4 – 20 characters.
  • Could contain alphabets and/or numbers.
  • Dot(s) (.) is/are allowed, but it/they could not be consecutive or the leading/trailing character.



Not allowed: chan..taiman  .chantaiman  chantaiman.

  • Other special characters are not allowed, including hyphen (-) and underscore (_).
  • Could not be the existing usernames or email aliases.
  • Could not be bad language or reserved words.

Important Notes:

  • Each staff is only entitled one email alias and is normally not allowed to change once the email alias has been chosen.
  • Email alias will be used as the default email address and shown in Lingnan systems such as email and eCommunication Directory.
  • Manual update of email contact under departmental website is required.
  • Original email address is still able to receive emails.
  • ITSC reserves the right for final approval.

How to Access:

Email alias will be updated automatically as your default email address. You could verify by logging in Staff Webmail:

  1. Click your name on upper right hand corner.
  2. Click "My Profile".
  3. Your email alias should be displayed beside the email icon.

Email Alias Verification

Note: Email alias is not the same as username. Staff should enter username for logging into Lingnan systems (e.g. myLingnan Portal).