Account Services for Long-serving Retired Staff

To honor the contributions of retired staff with a long and dedicated service at the University, the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) offers IT services to staff who have served the University for normally 10 years or more (in line with most UGC institutions) upon their retirement.

Available to:


Service Provided:

Upon the verification of Long-serving Retired status by the Human Resources Office (HRO), following services could be provided to long-serving retired staff:

  1. Life-long email service
    • The email account will be a new account that bears the same username as before with a new domain “”.
    • There will be NO migration of existing emails from [username] to the new [username]
    • The old emails under [username] WILL BE DELETED.
  2. Access to campus Wi-Fi

How to Apply:

Please submit Service Requests in ITSC/Library Helpdesk

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