Register Security Questions and Personal Email

In order to enable self-help function for account unlock and password reset, you have to setup three self-defined security questions with answers from the list.

Available to:

Staff, Students, Alumni

How to Do?

1. Access Self-Service Password Management Portal via

2. Enter your username and the code showed in the textbox and click "Next".

Enter your username and the code

3. Click "Register Security Questions and Personal Email".

Register Security Questions and Personal Email

4. Enter your password and click "Next".

Enter your password

5. Choose any three questions listed and provide answers with at least 4 characters. Questions could not be duplicated and no same answer is allowed. After answering the selected questions, click "Next".

Security Questions

6. Enter your personal email address twice and click "Next". A verification code will be sent to that email address.

Personal Email Address

7. Enter the verification code received from your personal email and click "Next".

Verification Email

Enter Verification Code

8. Review the security questions/answers and your personal email address. To change any of the security questions/answers and personal email address, click "Modify". To confirm the entries, click "Next".

Review questions and personal email address

9. Upon completion, emails will be sent to both your Lingnan email and personal email.