Events Support Services

ITSC provides technical support for equipment setup, departmental and university event support to Lingnan staff. ITSC provides venue setup, video recording services and technical support for both university and departmental events or functions, such as Information Day, University Orientation Programme, Congregation, Lingnan Week, Signing Ceremonies and special events organized by Departments or Research Centres.

Available to:


Service Hours:

Opening Hours

How to Apply:

Online Application: 7x24

Apply via ITSC/Library Helpdesk or the following direct link (login required)

Event Support Services (Staff Only)

Extended On-site Event Support (Staff Only)

List of Available Services:

  • Equipment Setup
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Photo Shooting (Prorivded by OCPA)
  • Video Shooting

Application Guideline:

  1. Application must be submitted to ITSC at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. All equipment has to pickup and return at ITSC Service Counter by the applicant. Applicant should check the equipment before leaving the service counter.
  3. No Battery will be provided for Wireless Microphones.
  4. Equipment will be checked upon return, applicant is responsible for any loss or damage.
  5. Additional time should be reserved by applicant for equipment setup before and collection after the function (at least 1 hour each) when booking the venue.
  6. All ITSC policies should be applied alongside with this application.
  7. ITSC normally provides on-site event support for the first 10 minutes of the event. If there is a genuine need for on-site support afterwards, please submit the "Extended On-site Event Support" service request form for our consideration if extended support can be offered.

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