ChatGPT Service

Lingnan University fully embraces the use of advanced technology in support of its teaching and learning. In July 2023, the University has announced the policy of allowing the use of ChatGPT and other Generative AI tools in the 2023-24 academic year and onwards. The big plan to advance data literacy has also been developed to fully support the innovative adoption of generative AI tools in the teaching and learning environment of the University.

To support the above University’s policy, ITSC has developed and launched its ChatGPT service that is built on Microsoft’s Azure Open AI services. It is free to all current staff and students. 

Available to:


What is ChatGPT? 

ChatGPT is a language model developed by US OpenAI which is an artificial intelligence research and deployment company. It is a generative pre-trained transformer (GPT) that uses deep learning and specialized algorithms to generate human-like responses to text-based prompts like chatting in a human way. ChatGPT is trained on a massive corpus of text data and is capable of generating coherent and contextually relevant responses to a wide range of queries. It has been used in a variety of applications, including chatbots, virtual assistants, and customer service systems. 

Since its debut to the market on November 30, 2022, it has swept the world with its powerful potentials and seemingly limitless possibilities. It has created huge impact on higher education with its great ability to transform teaching pedagogy and enhance work efficiency. Yet, the tool also has its negative effects in higher education. The University requires all staff and students to use this tool ethically and responsibly, ensuring compliance with the University’s academic integrity and honesty policy, data privacy policy and security policy.

How to Access LU ChatGPT? 

Login to the ChatGPT using your Lingnan username and password via the following URL:

Users are requested to take note and agree to the terms and conditions for the use of the service. 

Use Tips of LU ChatGPT 

  • Quota: To ensure fair use and control the cost within the University budget, each staff and student is limited to a fixed amount of expenditure in each calendar month. Thus, users should learn using prompts in an intelligent way to reduce the cost in terms of token use. The monthly usage of a user’s account is shown on the top right-hand corner of the portal.

ChatGPT monthly usage

  • Use New Chat: Please start a new chat when the old chats are no longer needed. This will save the use of tokens dramatically.

ChatGPT new chat           

  • Delete Old Chats: Old chats are available on the right-hand side of the portal. Users can delete these old chats if they are no longer needed. Right-click to the chat and press “” to delete the chat. Users can also review and revise the old chats to start a new prompt by clicking the chat they would like to continue.

ChatGPT delete

  • Advanced Settings: The response of ChatGPT is affected by its configurations in 3 components: Max tokens, Temperature and Previous messages included. A default value has been set in these three components. Adjusting their values will create a different response.
    • Max tokens: Maximum tokens to be used for generating a response. A higher value means more tokens will be taken up in a response.
    • Temperature: This parameter changes the output of the model. The value can be set between 0 to 1. A higher value such as 0.8 will make the output more random while a lower value will make the output more focused and concrete.
    • Previous messages included: This is the number of previous messages to be included as conversation for generating a response. A higher value means that the response will be more accurate at the cost of tokens used.

 ChatGPT token

  • Contact us if you encounter any technical problems.