Information Literacy Courses

The pursuit of knowledge is the mission of the University. Information Literacy (IL) enhances the pursuit of knowledge at the University by preparing students to think critically and use information for their academic, professional and personal lives. The information literate individual can recognize the need and the sourcing for information, can locate it using a variety of media and technologies and can evaluate information in order to use it effectively. Information literate students have the flexibility to take these skills from their formal education and use them throughout their life as citizens and professionals and as a means toward autonomous self continued learning.

ITSC shares the responsibility for helping students to develop their information literacy skills. Successful implementation of information literacy goals is achieved by integration across the curriculum and the active participation of staff and students of the IL program.

Available to:

Staff, Students

Earning ILP Credits

All Lingnan students (both UGC and non-UGC funded) are welcomed to register for any of our courses. However, students might need to meet the pre-requisites in some of the courses in order to avoid lagging behind in the courses. Thus, students should read the course details carefully before they decide to register.

Upon completion of each course, students would be rewarded with 1 to 2 Integrated Learning Program (ILP) units (Intellectual Development) depending on the length of the course that they completed.

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