Report Phishing Emails


Phishing emails are a common tactic used by hackers and scammers to obtain personal information and credentials. A single careless mistake, such as filling in your personal information or credentials in a phishing email, can lead both you and the University to fall victim to cybercrime. To combat this threat, ITSC needs your strong support to report any phishing emails you came across.  This is an important piece of information for ITSC to take immediate actions to quickly block phishing-related emails, weblinks, and attachments, preventing others from falling into the same trap.


There are various ways to report phishing e-mails in different Outlook versions.


Available to:



Report Phishing Email in Outlook

Reporting a phishing email in Outlook is a simple process. To do so, you can click on the "Report Phishing" button. For more details, please follow the steps outlined below.


1. If you identify a phishing email, select the email in the email list.


2. Click the “Report Phishing” button in the email client


Location of Report Phishing Buttons

The location of the “Report Phishing” button of different versions of Outlook Clients are as shown below:

M365 Outlook with Classic Ribbon
M365 Outlook with Simplify Ribbon
New Outlook / Webmail with Classic Ribbon
New Outlook / Webmail with Simplify Ribbon
Outlook Mobile - IOS
Outlook Mobile - Android