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Lingnan University co-hosts Research Symposium on Smart Cities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia

20 Apr 2017

Lingnan University co-hosts Research Symposium on Smart Cities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia

The Joint Symposium on “Smart Cities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia: Challenges and Opportunities”, co-organised by Lingnan University (LU), King’s College London,  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) and supported by Smart City Consortium, was held on 20 April on Lingnan campus. The event brought together talented scholars from Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan and the United States to share insights on the development of global cities, entrepreneurship and technological innovation in Asia.


In his opening speech, Professor Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President of LU, thanked the international scholars for this research partnership and sharing their scholarly work in the Joint Symposium. He welcomed the international collaboration and said that this would further facilitate scholars and students to think globally in line with the development that is taking place around the world.  Also giving opening remarks were Professor Xun Wu from HKUST, Dr Robyn Klingler-Vidra from King’s College London
and Mr. Jason Ngan, Chairman of Smart Healthcare SIG, Smart City Consortium.


During the symposium, the first session opened with Professor Darryl Jarvis’ (Education University of Hong Kong) study titled “After the Developmental State: Challenges to State Autonomy and Entrepreneurship” followed by Dr Stefan Kühner’s (LU) study on “Talent Competition in ‘Smart’ Global Cities: What Role for Productive and Protective Welfare Policy?” and Dr Robyn Klingler-Vidra’s (King’s College  London) study entitled “The Entrepreneurial Post-Developmental State: A Conceptualisation and Assessment of the South Korea Government’s Turn towards Supporting Entrepreneurship”, which provided interesting insights on the developmental state and welfare policy.


The role of university in entrepreneurship development in Singapore was presented by Professor Poh Kam Wong. Other technological advancements were discussed by Ms Lan Phan from the Ministry of Science and Technology in Vietnam and Professor Ping Lin from LU,  while Dr Jin Jiang from LU presented on “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Youth Development: Graduate Entrepreneurship Policies in Shenzhen”. Professor Joshua Ka-ho Mok shared his study on “Smart City, Innovation and Entrepreneurship: The Changing Role of the Government in Hong Kong”, which highlighted the crucial role of government in innovation and entrepreneurship. Professor Naubahar Sharif from HKUST, Dr Yu Ching Kuo from the National Taiwan University in Taiwan and Dr Xiao Han from LU also shared insights on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and Taiwan.


The symposium was well attended by research postgraduate and taught Masters’ students from LU and other universities in Hong Kong. It gave them a platform to discuss and share ideas with scholars on future research endeavours and collaboration.

Lingnan University co-hosts Research Symposium on Smart Cities, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Asia