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LU new video series help older adults maintain good physical and mental health during pandemic

16 Mar 2022

anti covid-19 campaign

In light of the severe pandemic situation in Hong Kong, Lingnan University (LU) has launched an LU Anti-COVID-19 Campaign(, featuring a series of videos including “Chinese medicine food therapy”, “Online exercises” and “Anti-pandemic information” for the elderly to fight against the pandemic with better physical and mental health.


Prof Leonard K Cheng, President of LU, said that based on its motto “Education for Service”, LU encourages students and staff to care for others. Many citizens, especially the elderly, feel helplessduring the fifth wave of the pandemic in Hong Kong, and in this critical moment, the LU ageing studies project team launched the LU Anti-COVID-19 videoseries to help the public to combat the virus with knowledge, to face the adversity with good physical and mental health, and maintain a positive attitude amid the pandemic.


The “Chinese medicine food therapy” video provides simple acupressure instructions and recipes by a Chinese medicine practitioner. The “Online exercise” video demonstrates light exercises, for exampletowel exercise, that can be done at home.


In view of the overflowed and confusing informationabout the COVID-19 pandemic, LU also produces the “Anti-pandemic information” video, providingcomprehensive information including latest policies and points-to-note with simple pictures and texts for the elderly to keep up with the evolving situation.


Project leader Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President of LU, hopes the LU Anti-COVID-19 videos would deliver joyful energy to the elderly, their friends, and families and citizens around. He hopes this campaign can cheer up everyone and send out a positive message through helping the elderly.