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Lingnan MA students’ curatorial debut Two exhibitions on introspecting the psyche

29 Jul 2022

Students of the Master of Arts in Curating and Art History (MACAH) at Lingnan University has curated two exhibitions, to be held at Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC) at Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon from 13-21 August 2022. Titled Re · Count and Healing Self Healing respectively, the exhibitions feature works by 10 local and international artists in a variety of mediums such as ceramics, tattoo, and painting. The curatorial team hopes to create an introspective space for the audience to reflect upon their psyche amidst exhausting and often frustrating social lives.


In the exhibition Re · Count, six artists engaged in a groundbreaking act of art-making by positioning “encounter” as an art medium. In the process to study their own memories as well as psychological and mental connections associated with the inherent differences of each encounter, artists also envision visitors to reconstruct their understanding towards their own selves and the surroundings while being immersed in the seemingly unchanged virtual world. Amid the mass media wave, Mediha Ting made multiple attempts to recall her unconsciousness and the suppressed memories with fluorescent colours in a series of paintings. Based on daily and recurring observation of the surroundings, June Wong and Poon Kwing-wing focused on their encounters with inner peace, in order to counter concurrent social chaos by re-interpreting the urban city view and mountain landscape. In two specially designed zones, new media artists Marcos Vidal Font and Lam Wai-kit re-created the specific setting and video images of daily surveillance as a way to retrieve the embedded fragility of human relationships. While Elva Lai was passionate in the recreated value in arts and encountering strangers, and took an unusual approach to invite visitors to share their experiences to encounter with strangers to prompt their own reflection on encounters.


Another exhibition Healing Self Healing focuses on three artistic mediums -- tarot, tattoo, and ceramics, which many believe their processes, forms and the ways of interaction, serve healing impacts. It is hoped through presenting the artworks of these three elements, audiences may be inspired in seeing new ways for relaxation and self-empowerment, or even to start their self healing journey by seeing these healing hinted behind the shown objects. The tarot section features tarot prints and one tarot deck by Broken Isn’t Bad, and one other tarot deck by Charlotte Mui. The artworks are curated for the audience to explore healing through interpreting the tarot card designs and reflecting on self. The manifestation of the artwork incorporates customised tattoo works created by Iris Yung, which emphasises the healing effects behind the motivation, process and outcome of obtaining a tattoo. Following the art instructions by ceramic artist Chao Harn-kae, the audience will interact with clay at the exhibition. It provides an introspective space for the audience to Malaysia communicate with their inner self and express their feelings through art-making.


All are welcome to the exhibitions. Details are available at: