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Lingnan freshmen encouraged to develop ‘4Cs’ in orientation

26 Aug 2022

flag raising ceremony
Lingnan University holds a national flag raising ceremony for the first time at the orientation.
Prof Leonard K Cheng
Prof Leonard K Cheng, President of LU encourages freshmen to develop ‘4Cs’ in orientation.

Lingnan University (LU) has organised a series of orientation activities to welcome some 1,200 new undergraduate students starting from today (26 August).


In his opening remarks, President of LU Prof Leonard K Cheng welcomed new students and expressed his gratitude for the University’s first face-to-face orientation since 2020 due to the pandemic.


President Cheng encouraged the students to be open to new ideas, make new friends, and appreciate diverse cultures and personalities. He believes that the students, who have overcome hardships during the pandemic, “are resilient and are able to deal with any new challenge ahead. In the next few years, you will explore the world of knowledge, discover your passion and identify your goals.”


He added: “All the learning opportunities provided by Lingnan will help you develop your Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration, which are often referred to as the 4Cs and the essential skills for 21st century leaders.”


A national flag raising ceremony was also held for the first time at today’s orientation to enhance students’ sense of national identity. Flag raising ceremonies will be held regularly on-campus, which President Cheng encouraged students to attend.


To help new students make the most out of campus life and meet new friends including senior students and university staff, seminars, library and campus introductions, as well as networking opportunities will be organised throughout September.