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List of Student Groups

Students' Union


Lingnan University Students' Union

  • Representative Council
  • Press Bureau

Programme-Based / Departmental Societies

Association of Arts Programme
  • Senate of Association of Arts Programme
  • Chinese Society
  • Digital Arts and Creative Industries Society
  • History Society
  • Society of Philosophy
  • Translation Society
Business Administration Society
  • Senate of Business Administration Society 
  • Executive Committee of Business Administration Society
Society of Social Sciences
  • Senate of Society of Social Sciences
  • Interim Committee of Society of Social Sciences
Society of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Senate of Society of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Sports Coaching and Event Management Society

Interest Groups

  • Dancing Society
  • Drama Society    
  • Music Society

Student Hostel Associations

  • Chung Shun Yee Min Hall (Hall C)
  • Lam Woo Hall (Hall D)
  • The Jockey Club Hall (Hall E) [Interim Administration Committee]
  • ​The Jockey Club Hall (Hall F) [Interim Administration Committee]
  • The Jockey Club New Hall (Hall H)
  • Wong Hoo Chuen Hall (WHC Hall) [Interim Administration Committee]
  • Wu Jieh Yee Hall (WJY Hall)


Please refer to Student Hostel homepage for details  

Groups under University Offices

Chaplain's Office

  • Christian Choir 
  • Christian Fellowship
  • Lingnan Campus Crusade for Christ

Office of Student Affairs (OSA)

  • Lingnan University Chinese Students and Scholars Association (LUCSSA)
  • Lingnan University Postgraduate Student Association (LUPGSA)
  • Lingnan University Toastmasters Club
  • University-YMCA (Lingnan)

Contact list of Student Societies / Groups