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Mr. Cheng Ka Lok, Joe, Secondary School English Teacher

(Year of Graduation: 2017)

Studying translation at Lingnan University will open your mind to a new world as well as a new way of seeing the world. With the diversified curriculum and the comprehensive academic support the Department of Translation offered, you will definitely enjoy your learning journey here and be able to build up practical skills which are beneficial to your future career.

Mr. Cheng Ka Lok, Joe

Ms. Tang Wing Shan, Tammy, Assistant Project Officer at Vocational Training Council

(Year of Graduation: 2017)

“The teachers of Lingnan are not only great language trainers, but also my lifelong mentors.”

Ms. Tang Wing Shan, Tammy

Mr. Sean Tsoi, Assistant Lecturer at IVE

(Year of Graduation: 2017)

Interpreting skills were my proudest takeaway from LU. I had never thought of winning a prize in an interpreting contest and getting to be an interpreter for a variety of clients.

Mr. Sean Tsoi