Student orientation activities

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18 Aug 2021

In view of the surging COVID cases in many countries, and with reference to the Government’s guidelines on social distancing, the University has decided that all on-campus orientation activities this year be held online to minimise the risk of infection among students and staff.
As for off-campus orientation camps organised by student bodies, the University has strongly advised the organisers to hold them online. If these camps must be held face-to-face, they are advised to strictly abide by the anti-epidemic guidelines issued by the Government and the University.
We understand that the Lingnan University Students’ Union and a few student organisations  have concerns about the matter despite earlier communications between them and the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and Warden Offices (WOs).  While the University greatly appreciates student leaders’ efforts, enthusiasm and time spent on preparing orientation activities, health and safety of members of the University community remain our number one priority.
OSA and WOs have provided, and will continue to provide, appropriate support and assistance to student organisations in various aspects. If any student organisation encounters problems and difficulties, OSA and WOs are most willing to help.
Office of Communications and Public Affairs
18 August 2021