Display of National Flag and National Flag Raising Ceremonies

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26 Nov 2021

To promote national education, and to help students develop an appreciation of belonging to our country and enhance their sense of national identity, the University has decided, starting from 1 January 2022, to fly the national flag daily and hold weekly flag raising ceremonies on campus.


Daily Display of National Flag

The University will raise the national flag, together with the regional flag and the University flag, at 8:00 am on every weekday (except public holidays and in bad weather) during term time at the flag pole in front of the Wong Administration Building.


Weekly Flag Raising Ceremony

A regular weekly flag raising ceremony, when the national anthem is played, will be conducted at 9:00 am at the flag pole on Mondays unless there is a Special Flag Raising Ceremony that week. All students and staff are welcome to attend.


Special Flag Raising Ceremony

A Special Flag Raising Ceremony, to be conducted by a flag raising team, will be held on the following six occasions every year in the presence of members of the University management, stakeholders, staff and students:

  1. 1 January (New Year’s Day);
  2. First Day of Term 2, or first day of class after the Chinese New Year break;
  3. 1 July (HKSAR Establishment Day);
  4. New Student Orientation Day (August);
  5. 1 October (National Day); and
  6. Congregation Day (November).


All students and colleagues are encouraged to attend the weekly and Special Flag Raising Ceremonies. 


The University is also planning to establish a student team to take up this solemn flag raising duty. Details will be announced by the Office of Student Affairs.


An email reminder for each of the Special Flag Raising Ceremony with detailed time and venue will be sent to you in due course.  Thank you for your attention and support. 



Office of Communications and Public Affairs

26 November 2021