Details on campus vaccination requirements

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16 Dec 2021

Further to our announcement on 29 November about new campus vaccination requirements (, the University would like to provide further details:


1. Implementation date:

     1.1 Friday, 14 January 2022


2. Categories of users included

     2.1. All LU students (including full-time, part-time and exchange undergraduates, postgraduates, sub-degree and Diploma Yi Jin students).

     2.2. All LU staff (including full-time and part-time staff, and outsourced service providers).

     2.3. All residents of hostels and Visitors’ Quarters (including dependents and housemaids), EXCEPT students residing at the Jao Tsung-I Academy in Lai Chi Kok, who should follow the Academy’s guidelines. Students residing at on-campus hostels should refer to the latest announcement of “Special Requirement for Vaccination/COVID-testing in the AY 2021-22 for Student Hostel Residents” (

     2.4. Visitors, team coaches and contractors staying on campus for more than one day per week.


3. Exemptions

     3.1. Children under the age of 12.

     3.2. Visitors, team coaches, and contractors staying on campus for one day or less per week. They should enter the campus using “LeaveHomeSafe”.

     3.3. Staff members and students who will be on the campus not more than one day per week with exemptions from Deans and Heads of Departments. For example, emeritus professors, adjunct instructors, and students of LIFE’s life-long learning programmes. Faculties/Departments/Offices/Units should send their list of exemptions to [email protected] for follow-up.

     3.4. Members with a chronic illness or disability, who are unfit for BOTH vaccination and viral test, may apply for exemption provided that they have a medical certificate issued by a registered doctor or hospital. Their requests will be reviewed by an Assessment Panel chaired by the Associate VP (Projects) in consultation with the Health, Safety and Environment Committee. Members wishing to apply for a special exemption are required to submit an online application via the below online form:


4. Definition of full vaccination

     4.1. According to the HKSAR Government, full vaccination counts from 14 days after a person has completed the suggested dosage in accordance with the relevant guidelines of a COVID-19 vaccination course. In Hong Kong, that generally means two doses of CoronaVac (Sinovac) (for anyone aged 18 or above), or two doses of Comirnaty (BioNTech) for those aged 12 or above, or one dose of Comirnaty (BioNTech) for those aged 12 to 17.

     4.2. For those who have recovered from a previous COVID-19 infection, one dose of any recognised COVID-19 vaccine is regarded as full vaccination.

     4.3. For students, staff and visitors from the Mainland or another countries, the University accepts all COVID-19 vaccines recognised by the HKSAR Government. Please refer to the List of COVID-19 Vaccines Recognised for Specified Purposes:


5. Recognised COVID-19 viral tests

     5.1. You are required to undergo a COVID-19 viral test every seven days if you cannot get vaccinated, or during the period between two vaccinations, or within 14 days of completing the vaccination course.

     5.2. For information about authorised COVID-19 test services, please visit

     5.3. As the University accepts the results of free COVID-19 tests such as the deep throat saliva test offered by the Hong Kong Government, NO financial subsidies are provided.

     5.4. Results of self-test kits for COVID-19 are NOT accepted.


6. Uploading procedure for the above categories 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3

     6.1. The system will be activated on Thursday 30 December 2021. You are requested to upload your vaccination or viral test records before Thursday 13 January 2022 for checking.

     6.2. Please access the Campus Entry Permit System via LU Mobile or myLingnan Portal, and follow the on-screen instruction to upload your valid full vaccination records, or your negative viral test results. The user guide is accessible at:

     6.3. Students living in on-campus hostels are NOT required to upload their records again as their data will be automatically transferred to the new Campus Entry Permit System.

     6.4. If you were vaccinated outside Hong Kong, please upload the vaccination proof issued by the relevant authorities.

     6.5. If you are fully vaccinated, you only need to upload your record once.

     6.6. If you take regular tests, you should upload the negative test results every seven days. Automatic email reminders will be sent to you to submit regular test results on the fifth day after the last submission.

     6.7. You are strongly advised to make sure the information uploaded is true and accurate. Members making false declaration may be subject to disciplinary actions or legal actions.


7. To obtain a Campus Entry Permit

     7.1. Install the “LU Mobile” app on your mobile phone. Details are available at

     7.2. Sign into your account and the appropriate category: Students, Faculty and Staff, LU Affiliates (e.g. dependents residing in hostels, visitors living in Visitors’ Quarters).

     7.3. Click “Campus Entry Permit System”.

     7.4. If you have complied with the vaccination or viral test requirement, your Campus Entry Permit will show a tick, while a cross will be displayed if you have not. (Samples:

     7.5. Show your “Campus Entry Permit” to the security guards at the entrance EVERY TIME you enter the campus.

     7.6. Those who have a cross on their Campus Entry Permit, or fail to present their Campus Entry Permit, will be denied entry.


8. Control procedure for members of the above category 2.4

     8.1. They should submit print or electronic vaccination or viral test records to the host departments. The host departments should check and make registration in the Visitor Management System under the page of Employee in myLingnan Portal.

     8.2. The user will receive a QR code via email. They should show their QR codes at the campus entrance, to be verified by security guards.


9. Data checking

     9.1. Students

          9.1.1. Faculty Offices/Department Offices/Programme Offices/LIFE should check the records submitted by their students monthly. Via myLingnan Portal, the list of students for the respective responsible staff will be displayed for checking.


     9.2. Staff

          9.2.1. Deans/Heads of Departments, Offices and Units should check the validity of the records submitted by their staff members monthly. Via myLingnan Portal, the list of staff for the respective responsible staff will be displayed for checking.


     9.3. Residents of on-campus hostels and Visitors’ Quarters

          9.3.1. Warden Office will check the validity of the records submitted by hostel dependents monthly.

          9.3.2. The Comptroller’s Office will perform similar check on residents of the Visitors’ Quarters.


     9.4. A briefing/training session on data checking will be held by ITSC for Deans, Heads of Departments/Offices/Units, Programmes Directors and their delegates at 11:30 am on Monday 20 December 2021 via Zoom (


10. Non-compliance

     10.1. Students

          10.1.1. Students barred from entering the campus or failed to obtain the Campus Entry Permit will be treated as absent, and they will NOT be offered an alternative to attend classes online.

          10.1.2. According to University regulations, a student who has been absent without leave for a period exceeding 30 calendar days in the aggregate in any term will be considered as having unofficially withdrawn from studies at the University, and a student whose accumulated leave of absence exceeds one-third of the term will not be assessed or awarded credits for the courses they have enrolled in that term.


     10.2. Staff

          10.2.1. Staff will be granted a grace period of a maximum of two days for late submission on the first occasion, and the staff member concerned shall work from home during the grace period.

          10.2.2. Staff members must apply for annual leave or no-pay leave if they are barred from the university campus after the grace period.


     10.3. Hostel and Visitors’ Quarters residents

          10.3.1. If hostel and Visitors’ Quarters residents do not comply with these regulations, they will be barred from the hostels/quarters.


     10.4. Visitors and contractors

          10.4.1. If visitors or contractors do not comply with these regulations, the host departments will suspend their permission to enter.



The University deeply appreciates your understanding and cooperation with the new arrangement, as a fully vaccinated campus is a critical element in supporting face-to-face teaching and learning, and maintaining confidence in a vibrant and safe campus.




Office of Communications and Public Affairs

16 December 2021