Update on teaching arrangements (只有英文版)

  • 2019新型冠狀病毒
  • 教學安排


In view of the surge in the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Hong Kong, the University has decided to adopt hybrid teaching mode in all classes from Monday 24 January to Saturday 5 February 2022. 
Subject teachers should conduct their classes at designated teaching venues on campus and time-slots according to the timetable, and broadcast the lessons online simultaneously. Students may choose to attend either the face-to-face classes or real-time online classes. 
From Monday 7 February 2022, if situation permits, teaching mode will be returned to face-to-face to maximise teaching and learning quality. However, students of a class size at or over 40 are required to attend face-to-face mode in alternate weeks. All other classes will be conducted face-to-face. Subject teachers are expected to prepare a rotation of students for face-to-face and online attendance. Further details will be provided in due course. 
With reference to the outbreak in Kwai Chung Estate, students and colleagues who are currently residing in Kwai Chung Estate should study or work from home and avoid going out for the time being until receiving further notice from the Government. Please notify your department/programme/unit your situation immediately. 
The University will continue to monitor the situation closely and adopt appropriate precautionary measures necessary to maintain safety on our campus.  
Office of Communications and Public Affairs 
23 January 2022