International conference addresses challenges facing higher education and role of liberal arts education

In early November, over 200 scholars and postgraduate students from 30 countries gathered at LU for the Conference for Higher Education Research 2019 and the Asian Conference on the Liberal Arts 2019 co-hosted by LU, the Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership and the International Academic Forum.


The themes of the three-day conference were Uncertain Futures: Repurposing Higher Education and Uncertain Futures: The Role of Liberal Arts Education, which drew experts from all over the world to explore the precarious nature of global socio-economic development today and suggest solutions.


Speakers at both conferences discussed how formal education and liberal arts education could be reformed to prepare the public for an unpredictable future in this ever-changing society. The discussions covered the positive and negative impacts of globalisation, which is transforming the nature of work and how people interact with each other. Participants also discussed how technology brings new challenges to educational institutions, governments, and researchers.

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