Lingnan University hosts the “Identity, Modernity and Culture” International Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference

5 Dec 2015

Lingnan University hosted the “Identity, Modernity and Culture” International Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Conference for the Arts on 4 and 5 December.  The conference, co-organized by the University's Centre for Humanities Research (CHR) and the Faculty of Arts, aims to encourage students to expose themselves to different areas of arts research, and build up their preliminary academic network in East Asia.  The conference attracted more than 30 postgraduate students from Lingnan and other local universities, as well as those from Mainland China and east Asia region who presented their interdisciplinary research projects in arts and humanities.
The conference was held with support from the National Chung-hsing University in Taiwan and Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in South Korea, which have taken turn together with Lingnan to hold annual postgraduate conferences that focused on the area of modern Chinese literature.  This year CHR, together with Faculty of Arts, expanded the conference to cover all areas of the arts, called for submissions from local and overseas postgraduate students openly, and devised parallel panels that accommodated English and Chinese presentations.
Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President and Prof Sun Yifeng, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Director of CHR of Lingnan University delivered welcoming addresses at the conference, and Prof Shan Te-hsing, Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of European and Amercian Studies, Academia Sinica, gave his inspirational keynote speech.  Prof Shen Shuang from the Pennsylvania State University in the US was invited as special discussant who gave valuable suggestions to various postgraduate students’ research projects.  The theme “Identity, Modernity and Culture” galvanized postgraduate students to present papers with interdisciplinary approach that covered diverse areas as history, literature, translation, visual art, music and psychology.