New books on the shelf

27 Jan 2023

New books on the shelf

Globalizing China – Social and Governance Reforms (Comparative Development and Policy in Asia)

Globalizing China – Social and Governance Reforms (Comparative Development and Policy in Asia)

Author: Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President of LU, and Lam Man Tsan Chair Professor of Comparative Policy, Department of Sociology and Social Policy

Publisher: Routledge


Whereas books tend to concentrate on China’s transformation and international influence over the last four decades by focusing on its economic growth, this looks at how the People’s Republic of China has handled the increasingly complex socio-political and socio-economic challenges resulting from economic growth and transformation both within the country and from the external political environment.


Based on extensive original research, it outlines the social and governance pressures caused by China’s economic development, discusses educational and governance reforms, and highlights the ways in which China’s development has differed from that of the Western economies with democratic political regimes, and drawn increasing attention from the developing world as an example to follow.



Chinese Whispers: Toward a Transpacific Poetics

Chinese Whispers: Toward a Transpacific Poetics

Author: Prof Huang Yunte, Tong Tin Sun Chair Professor of English, Department of English

Publisher: University of Chicago Press


In this new book, Prof Huang explores the dynamics of poetry and poetics in the age of globalization, particularly questions of translatability, universality, and risk in the transpacific context. “Chinese whispers” refers to an American children’s game dating to the years of the Cold War, a period in which everything Chinese, or even Chinese sounding, was suspect. Taking up various manifestations of the phrase in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Huang investigates how poetry, always to a significant degree untranslatable, complicates the transpacific production of meanings and values.