Lingnan University confers honorary fellowships upon five distinguished individuals

12 Oct 2017


(From left) Honorary Fellows Mr Roger Yuen Kwong-ming, Mr Ho Sai-yiu, Miss Chan Yuen-ting, Mr Chan Cheuk-ming and Mr Mason Wu Shang-tun.

Lingnan University’s Honorary Fellowship Presentation Ceremony 2017 was held today (12 October), during which the University conferred honorary fellowships upon five distinguished individuals in recognition of their outstanding achievements in their respective professions and valuable contributions to the well-being of society.


Recipients of Lingnan University’s Honorary Fellowship this year are Mr Chan Cheuk-ming, Miss Chan Yuen-ting, Mr Ho Sai-yiu, Mr Mason Wu Shang-tun and Mr Roger Yuen Kwong-ming.


Mr Ho Sai-yiu delivered an address at the Ceremony on behalf of the honorary fellows and expressed their gratitude to the University for conferring upon them the honour.  Mr Ho pointed out that since its founding in 1888 in Guangzhou, Lingnan University has been educating the kind of talented young people who can help modernise the country, guided by the motto “Education for Service”.  “The essence of liberal arts education is to encourage students to ‘acquire broad-based knowledge and live in a noble and graceful manner’, qualities which enable students to better adapt to changing trends and developments in today’s society.”


Mr Ho encouraged Lingnan students to appreciate what they have and fulfill the expectations of their teachers, putting what they have learned to good use, turning knowledge into action.  “First of all, you should learn to distinguish right from wrong, study hard, and never give up,” he said.


The ceremony, presided over by Mr Simon Ip Shing-hing, Deputy Chairman of the University Council, was held at Chan Tak Tai Auditorium on the campus of Lingnan University.


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