Lingnan University awarded over HK$13.5 million scholarships to more than 370 outstanding students

8 Apr 2019

Prof Leonard K CHENG

Prof Leonard K CHENG, President of Lingnan University gives a welcoming address at the event.

Lingnan University has presented 374 outstanding students with a total of 546 awards and scholarships totalling more than HK$13.5 million during the 2018/19 academic year. The  Awards Presentation and Reception 2019 was held today (8 April 2019), in recognition of their outstanding academic and personal achievements during the 2018/19 academic year.


In his welcoming remarks, Prof Leonard K CHENG, President of Lingnan University expressed his gratitude to all donors for their tremendous support to Lingnan. “Their generous donations over the years have not only facilitated the development of the University but also created tremendous opportunities for our students.”


Prof Leonard K CHENG pointed out that the scholarships are also offered in support of three major initiatives for students, including the international exchange, hostel residence and community services. Some of the donations have been used to set up bursaries to provide aids for students with financial needs. “I place high hopes on every one of them to become our ambassadors to show the value of Lingnan’s liberal arts education, and put our Lingnan spirit in action by contributing their knowledge and skills to serve our community and those who are in need,” said Prof CHENG.


This year the Most Distinguished Student of the University Award went to Mateena HAMMAD, a year-four student of Political Science while the Dr and Mrs James Tak Wu Award for Outstanding Service (Student Award) was presented to TING Cham Yin, a year-four student of Philosophy, in recognition of their outstanding performance and contributions to the University and the community.


Mateena HAMMAD said that the award is one of the greatest honours in her four-year journey. “I want to thank my local friends for never making me feel like an outsider, and also my non-local friends who are as close as my family members here, I love you all so much. I would like to thank my family for their endless support, love, and patience with me. If I am asked to conclude today’s sharing by one single remark, I would like to remind and encourage every one of you here today: You should never, never, never give up, even if you are convinced that it’s all over, it will never be over until you say so,” she said.