Lingnan University gets the best UAA teaching and learning satisfaction score

2 Jul 2019

Prof Leonard K Cheng, President of Lingnan University, welcomes the University Accountability Agreements (UAAs) announced by the University Grants Committee (UGC). The agreements support the eight UGC-funded universities in striving for excellence in teaching and learning, research, and knowledge transfer; and in encouraging students’ engagement in community services. According to the report of UAAs, Lingnan University received the highest score in the area of “undergraduate satisfaction with the quality and value which they have gained from their teaching and learning experience”, which was evaluated by the undergraduates of the eight UGC-funded universities during the 2017/18 academic year.  Lingnan also received the second best score in “undergraduate satisfaction with their overall learning environment”. These two performance measures affirm the University’s excellent teaching quality and learning environment.


“As a liberal arts university, Lingnan values the quality of teaching and cultivates the students’ capability and social responsibility. Therefore, in the teaching and learning sections of its UAA, Lingnan has set the performance indicators that emphasise the students’ leadership skills and innovativeness. Besides, service learning is another performance indicator that focuses on the practicality of students’ skills and knowledge in relation to the community,” said Prof Cheng.  The report of 2020 QS World University Rankings has indicated that Hong Kong experienced a drop in the employability, including the soft skills, of some university graduates in Hong Kong.  Prof Cheng believes that the modern world is in need of talents with critical thinking and effective communications skills. He is pleased that Lingnan’s graduates of full-time undergraduate studies in 2018 had achieved an employment rate of 99 per cent.