LU launches Distinguished Freshmen Package and introduces additional scholarships to new undergraduate students to support tuition fees and international exchange

20 May 2021

Lingnan University (LU) has launched a brandnew Distinguished Freshmen Package and introduced additional scholarships to high academic achievers admitted in 2021-22. Students with a total score of 22 or above, without subject weightings, in their best five subjects in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE), as well as those with a total score of 28 or above in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and those with grade B or above in three A-level subjects in the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (GCEAL) examinations will be offered the Distinguished Freshmen Package. School leavers with an HKDSE score of 25 or above in their best five subjects (including level 4 or above in English Language), or a total score of 32 or above in the IB Diploma, will be offered full tuition fee scholarships for up to four years.


Students who are offered the Distinguished Freshmen Package will be guaranteed four-year on-campus accommodation during their studies, and be subsidised in international exchange programmes or Service-Learning projects in Europe, the US, Canada or South East Asia. They will also have priority in internship opportunities.


Ms Margaret Cheung Wai-fong, Registrar of LU, said that the Distinguished Freshmen Package encourages undergraduates to unleash their full potential with LU’s unique liberal arts education. “Every year more than 80 per cent of first-year first-degree LU students benefit from subsidised international exchange programmes or Service-Learning projects which enhance their international exposure, allow them to appreciate different cultures and foster whole-person development.”


In addition, LU has introduced a new Secondary School Partnership Scheme to strengthen its ties with local secondary schools. Teaching and learning activities, including mini-lectures, scientific research, field trips and seminars will be organised by LU faculties and departments to enable the entire school community including students, teachers and parents to understand the university learning modes and prepare them for the vibrant campus life.


Ms Cheung said that the Secondary School Partnership Scheme will add value to the schools. “We look forward to establishing an effective two-way communication and promoting a deep collaboration with secondary schools in teaching and learning as well as life planning. LU will also design individualised teaching and learning activities for partner schools.”


For more details of the Distinguished Freshmen Package, please visit LU’s website: and