Three disciplines of LU ranked China top 10 in’s Top Universities Rankings

20 May 2022

Lingnan University (LU) has achieved remarkable results in the 2022 Top Universities and Top Scientists Rankings conducted by based on h-index performance and bibliometric indicators.


Among top universities in China, Lingnan ranked 7th in Psychology, 8th in Economics and Finance, and 9th in Business and Management.


Prof Dean Tjosvold, Emeritus Professor of the Department of Management, is ranked 11th in Business and Management and 14th in Psychology among top scientists in China, whereas Prof Siu Oi-ling, Dean of Social Sciences, is 23rd in Psychology, and Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, the Vice-President, is 26th in Social Sciences and Humanities. The late Prof Michael Firth is ranked 5th in Economics and Finance, and the late Prof Ray Forrest is 44th in Social Sciences and Humanities.


The ranking results have again demonstrated LU’s research strength in the international academia.


The ranking accesses h-index and bibliometric indicators compiled by 6 December 2021, and involves a detailed examination of 166,880 researchers’ profiles from Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Graph. For details, please refer to