Lingnan University launches virtual-reality LU Metaverse to drive engagement

14 Mar 2023


Lingnan University launches virtual-reality LU Metaverse to drive engagement.

Lingnan University (LU) announced today (14 March) that LU Metaverse, a virtual reality campus connecting students through the metaverse, has been officially launched. The platform digitised LU’s campus infrastructure, allowing users to take part in seminars, get the latest updates on undergraduate programmes, and connect with other participants and faculty members.


Prof Lau Chi-pang, Associate Vice-President (Academic Affairs and External Relations) of LU said that integrating physical and virtual worlds has become a major trend in higher education nowadays. He said: “As a liberal arts university in Hong Kong, LU puts a strong emphasis on the application of innovative technology. Metaverse is a new integrated platform that helps the Lingnan community to interact and connect with people across media and geographical boundaries.”


Participants are able to create their own avatar on the LU Metaverse platform, and  visit Lingnan campus to obtain the latest information about the University, its programmes and admission arrangements, including course descriptions, seminars, hostel life and student activities. One of the highlights of the platform is the President’s Tea Room, which not only explains LU’s history and culture but also the philosophy of its liberal arts education by Prof Leonard K Cheng.


Working synergistically with Metaverse, LU will arrange offline activities such as free campus guided tours for groups and schools on request. A whole series of interactive activities like “AR Campus Hunt”, a new game with augmented reality (AR) technologies developed by LU, allows players to use their mobile phones to hunt for hidden treasure in every corner of the campus, exploring the uniqueness of LU in interactive form.


“Time and geography are no longer barriers. Unlike the real world, users are welcome to visit LU Metaverse anytime, anywhere, or invite friends to check admission and programme information at the same time, and this will better meet the needs of the Lingnan community and secondary school students," said Ms Margaret Cheung Wai-fong, Registrar of LU.