Volunteer inauguration ceremony of the 23rd Project X on the eve of the Winter Solstice, encouraging youth at risk in Tuen Mun to reintegrate into the community

22 Dec 2023

Group photo at the Volunteer Inauguration Ceremony of the 23rd Project X.

Group photo at the Volunteer Inauguration Ceremony of the 23rd Project X.

Lingnan University held the Volunteer Inauguration Ceremony of the 23rd Project X on its campus on the evening of 21 December, the eve of the Winter Solstice. More than 80 people attended, bringing together Lingnan’s student volunteers, Tuen Mun’s youth at risk, their families, community leaders, and representatives of government officials. In the past few years, Project X has been suspended due to the pandemic, and this year marks the resumption of this particularly meaningful programme.

The 23rd Project X was organised by the District Fight Crime Committee (Tuen Mun District) and co-organised by Lingnan University and the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. The programme was started in 1997, aiming to empower the youth at risk in Tuen Mun aged under 18, who have been cautioned by the police through mentorship, guidance, and community engagement.

Mr Lau Ka-keung, BBS, MH, JP, Chairman of the District Fight Crime Committee (Tuen Mun District), delivered a welcoming speech, emphasising the importance of peer influence and community engagement. This event celebrates the potential transformation and growth of 26 young people and 19 Lingnan’s student volunteers. It is hoped that the lives of the Lingnan students taking part will be enriched by the experience, and that they will understand the joy of supporting others through the mentorship programme. The students help the young people reintegrate into the community and become their companions, encouraging them to expand their social network and establish positive values so they can cope with further challenges, such as in academics, personal development, and career exploration.

Ms Irene Ng Wai-ming, Director of Student Affairs of Lingnan University, used the different meanings of X to describe the characteristics of Project X: when X is a horizontal axis in the coordinate plane, it means that Project X covers a wide range of activities with many organisers. On the other hand, Twitter, the social media platform that disseminates information rapidly, has recently been renamed X. In this context, Project X keeps up with the times, quickly eliminating the gap between mentors and mentees, and strengthening their communication. Finally, the “fingers crossed” sign refers to praying for good luck, symbolising the good wishes sent to the student volunteers and Tuen Mun youth participating in Project X, as well as hopes for the success of the programme.

Throughout the programme, the Lingnan students can also participate in a variety of professional voluntary trainings, workshops, and skill-building activities. These experiences will not only enhance their personal growth but also instil a sense of civic responsibility and empathy towards others. Their invaluable contributions will undoubtedly shape the lives of the youth, and contribute to the betterment of the whole community.