Lingnan University hosts Postgraduate Mentorship Programme for young graduates to thrive in the job market

20 Jan 2024

Lingnan University hosts opening ceremony for the Postgraduate Mentorship Programme for young graduates to unleash their full potential in the job market

Lingnan University hosts opening ceremony for the Postgraduate Mentorship Programme for young graduates to unleash their full potential in the job market

Lingnan University held the kick-off ceremony for the 2nd Postgraduate Mentorship Programme on campus today (20 January). About 200 postgraduate students and mentors attended the event, which helps graduating students navigate employment challenges in Hong Kong's rapidly evolving and competitive environment. The programme shows mainland Chinese and overseas non-local students how to adapt strategically to Hong Kong's culture, make smart career choices, and unleash their full potential in the job market.


The Postgraduate Mentorship Programme, the first of its kind in Hong Kong, has seen a substantial 25 per cent increase in mentors and mentees from last year. Most mentors are Lingnan alumni and associates, and include Council members and Career Development Committee (CDC) advisers who hold senior positions in accounting, banking, advertising, education, and insurance. Each mentor will guide up to three students, sharing valuable experience, offering workplace insights, and providing practical information on their industry. In addition to job-seeking strategies, mentors play a pivotal role in assisting students to find internships and job opportunities after graduation. Running from January to August 2024, the programme is expected to strengthen personal relationships within the Lingnan community.


Prof Li Dong-hui, Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs) and CDC Member, opened the ceremony by saying that she believes the connections and friendships formed here will have a lasting impact on all participants. “Mentorship is a powerful means that fosters shared experiences, where mentors impart their knowledge, skills, and wisdom, while mentees gain guidance, support, and inspiration. Through this mentorship programme, we aim to enrich the knowledge and perspective of our postgraduate students by connecting them with mentors who are Lingnan alumni, Career Development Committee members and professionals.”


In his speech, Prof Joshua Mok Ka-ho, Vice-President and Dean of the School of Graduate Studies, thanked all the mentors who have generously volunteered their time and energy. He said, “We recognise that the transition from university to the professional world can be daunting, which is precisely why we have established this mentorship programme. This mentorship process will extend throughout the mentees' final year of study, ensuring they are well-prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Today, we embark on a journey of mutual learning, growth, and empowerment. Our mentors will serve as guides, coaches, and role models, while our mentees will remain open to learning, seek guidance, and embrace new opportunities.”


The Postgraduate Mentorship Programme is organised by the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Institutional Advancement and Public Affairs, the School of Graduate Studies, and the Lingnan University Postgraduate Alumni Association. It equips Lingnan graduating students with professional advice on career planning, leadership, networks, and personal growth as shown in Lingnan's motto, "Education for service".