Lingnan University’s ‘A Day at University’ introduces STEAM to over 110 Tuen Mun primary school students, teaching them about turning waste into resources

10 Mar 2024

Lingnan University, the Tuen Mun District Office of Home Affairs Department, and the Tuen Mun District Youth Development and Civic Education Committee hosted an experiential event called "A Day at University" on Lingnan campus on 9 March 2024. There were STEAM education workshops for over 110 students from 15 primary schools in Tuen Mun. The event has been held for 10 years, but incorporated STEAM elements for the first time this year, aligning with the Government's promotion of STEAM education and raising awareness among students of sustainable development concepts, particularly in light of the upcoming Municipal Solid Waste Charging in August.


"A Day at University" is part of the "Strive for Success" programme in the Tuen Mun District Primary Students Award Scheme 2023/24, aimed at inspiring and motivating young students while guiding their values and way of life. Mr Ip Chun-yuen, the Chairman of the District Youth Development and Civic Education Committee (Tuen Mun District), gave a welcoming speech, highlighting the importance of providing young students with opportunities to glimpse university life, and encouraging them to dream big and strive for success.


The Science Unit of Lingnan University arranged classes on topics such as plastic classification, kitchen waste processing, and biodiversity so the students could participate in various experiential STEAM activities. In the "Bug Wars against Food Waste Project", Prof Paulina Wong Pui-yun, Head of the Science Unit, showed them how Lingnan University uses food waste from the student hostels and canteen to feed black soldier flies. Students were guided on scientific analysis exploring how temperatures and the environment affect their growth. Mature black soldier flies are used as high-quality feed for animals on the campus such as turtles, so the students discovered the importance of turning waste into resources.


In addition to the STEAM experiential activities, about 30 volunteer students from Lingnan University’s community service team C.Connects took the visiting students over the campus, showing them facilities such as the Sports Complex and University Library. Through guidance and interaction, these volunteers encourage a "lifelong learning" mindset, and motivate the students to set educational goals for their future.