Lingnan University’s Teaching and Learning Centre hosts Annual Inno-GBA Week exploring the use of Generative AI tools to reimagine higher education

16 Apr 2024

Lingnan University’s Teaching and Learning Centre held its annual “Inno-GBA: Empowering education with Generative Artificial Intelligence tools” from 16 to 19 April The four-day event examined the latest Generative AI (GAI) tools for teaching and learning in higher education, and sophisticated state-of-the-art GAI tools to facilitate academic research and student learning, and assist jobseekers. The first day of the event, which was conducted in hybrid mode, over 200 people came to hear leading professors from the main universities in the Greater Bay Area (GBA) and industry experts from high-tech companies speak.


Prof Xin Yao, Vice-President (of Research and Innovation) and Tong Tin Sun Chair Professor of Machine Learning at Lingnan University, said in his welcoming speech that their initiative would have a significant impact on higher education teaching worldwide, adding “Lingnan University aspires to evolve into a distinguished research-focused liberal arts university for the digital age. Lingnan University is actively promoting the application of GAI tools in teaching and learning to enhance teaching quality, and is committed to collaborating with different educational institutions and industries in the Greater Bay Area to create an inclusive and effective learning environment for students. This seminar also provides a platform for experts and scholars to comprehensively discuss practical skills and contemporary GAI themes, analysing how higher education can use GAI tools to reimagine teaching models.”


Prof Shalendra Sharma, Associate Vice-President (Academic Quality Assurance and Internationalisation) and Lee Shau Kee Foundation Chair Professor of Political Science said in his speech, “GAI technology has the potential to significantly enhance students’ learning engagement and efficiency by dynamically adapting to their learning progress and challenges. In this seminar, we hope to brainstorm and explore the use of GAI tools to enrich the teaching quality of higher education while providing students with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in GAI technology through a series of seminars.”


One highlight of the event was the possibility for students to learn how to use GAI tools to increase their employability. In one session, two speakers from high-tech firms discussed GAI tools that can help to develop job-hunting strategies and optimise resumés. They also explained how to write more effective cover letters when applying for suitable job openings.


The Inno-GBA seminar and workshops welcomed the public and also covered the advancements and applications of GAI tools in Mainland China, leveraging big data for GAI in education and technological trends and applications, and using ChatGPT in curriculum design education.  


Lingnan University is eager to collaborate with universities and industries to improve the quality of teaching by using Generative AI Tools in order to provide an exceptional educational experience that prepares students for success in the digital age.


Please click HERE to visit the Inno-GBA Week website for more details.